recoveries: Chicago Trails

Range Mobile Lab’s (RML) recoveries: Chicago Trails will explore the role of persistent infrastructure as a means of understanding difficult histories. RML will re-trace the location of historic trails used for centuries by indigenous people. We will travel across sections of the ancient Lake Street and Green Bay trail routes as we link the Chicago Cultural Center to Navy Pier. By following these trail maps in the modern environment, we are remembering and essentially protesting the erasure of Native Americans histories that took place right in the heart of our bustling city. As the RML travels along this route, it will capture, live-remix, and project the resulting video on screens set in the side windows of the truck. Thus the RML will create a new imagined map that makes visible these inherent indigenous histories. 


SEPTEMBER 17, 8-10pm
SEPTEMBER 19, 8-10pm


RML is a Parter Project of the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial and EXPO Chicago.

Chicago Architecture Biennial Partner Program



Native American routes: the ancient trails hidden in Chicago’s grid system
Tanner Howard, The Guardian. Thu 17, Jan 2019