dock installation and performance

Architecture, collaboration, installation, performance

collaboration with David Sundry

dock is based in the belief that there are everyday movements and choreographies which can be revealed though reenactments. For SITE/less, Rappaport and Sundry designed a loading dock and entry flows which transform the Range Mobile Lab into an architectural interface and interactive point of entry. Visitors walk through the truck and onto an elevated loading dock from where they can choose between two paths into the main performance area. The space beyond the dock is comprised of a grid of stanchions which produce a path with small “eddies”, open spaces for social collisions. The path, as well as the side steps lead trough a second room which contains videos captured from the range earlier in the week.

dock is part of the performance and installation exhibition, Propositional Attitudes. The full schedule of events available on the SITE/less website. Presented as a presenting partner with the Museum of Contemporary Art, SITE/less hosts an expanded program of performances, interactions, architecture, and media.