Month: October 2019


RML collaboration in See Dance Chicago

Fast fashion, green screens and a doll named Kissy—‘On Notice’ at SITE/less gives agency to a choreographer’s collaborators Oct 8, 2019 | By Lauren Warnecke “For “On Notice,” Kranicke built movement patterns based on a series of platforms designed by Sundry. Each runway extends into a half pipe on the edges of SITE/less’s oblong space, and

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Performance, Press

RML collaboration in New City

Finding the Edges: Architecture Leads the Dance in “On Notice” at SITE/less “Dancers and audience members passing in front of the green screens will be captured by filmmaker Ted Hardin, who will serve as performer and cameraman, live-feeding to Mat Rappaport’s Range Mobile Lab, a 1995 GMC step van loaded with video gear in which Rappaport

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