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RML collaboration in New City

Finding the Edges: Architecture Leads the Dance in “On Notice” at SITE/less

“Dancers and audience members passing in front of the green screens will be captured by filmmaker Ted Hardin, who will serve as performer and cameraman, live-feeding to Mat Rappaport’s Range Mobile Lab, a 1995 GMC step van loaded with video gear in which Rappaport will use to live-VJ backgrounds and project them on the van and potentially throughout the room. Lots of concepts are at play: multiple personae, fashion, virtual reality, disposable construction. As Sundry and Kranicke enthusiastically talk through the project, each idea cuing three more from the other, concepts pile up like Sundry’s stack of intersecting runways. Another central thesis of “On Notice” is “space as server” and a line from Rem Koolhaas, stating that architecture disappeared in the twentieth century.”


You can read the full article here.