RML collaboration in See Dance Chicago

Fast fashion, green screens and a doll named Kissy—‘On Notice’ at SITE/less gives agency to a choreographer’s collaborators

Oct 8, 2019 | By Lauren Warnecke

“For “On Notice,” Kranicke built movement patterns based on a series of platforms designed by Sundry. Each runway extends into a half pipe on the edges of SITE/less’s oblong space, and is painted an iridescent green color. This creates a green screen for camera man Ted Hardin and new media artist Mat Rappaport to follow the performers, Kranicke and Molly Fe Strom, paparazzi style, and insert backgrounds of Rappaport’s choosing using his Range Mobile media lab. Audience members can view the live or CGI versions in real time—Rappaport’s truck will be parked inside SITE/less—or later, as the mobile lab circulates the city showing Hardin’s footage.”

You can read the full article here.